Belinda Jane Dolan CEO for Clariti Group and international corporate wellness and happiness company welcomed the move from the Department for Education in the United Kingdom for their introduction of a Charter for staff wellbeing and happiness.

Our team welcome all measures that place the wellbeing and happiness the core of their operations.

Movements to create global Wellbeing and Happiness

Whilst this announcement relates to the education sector, it is also applicable across many different sectors throughout the world from education to health care, professional services, to technology.

Under their new charter school leaders will be actively encouraged to place their focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of their teachers as well as the teachers and we welcome a focus on this vital area to cultivate environment were teams, leaders and in their case children can flourish.

Focusing on what matters

The move by the UK Department of Education will support the retention of teachers, costs associated with lost time from burn out. The costs of which can then be reinvested back in to schools allowing more to be invested on the welfare and education of our nations.

Thorough our own research in our Happiness@Work Survey (Insert link to website page) we have found that when teams and leaders feel there are valued are achieving success and trusted they then have a significant impact upon those around them.

A recent review found that teachers were working an average of 11 hours days indicating that a wellness framework such as this could lead to the long-term development of working conditions and one that fosters wellness and happiness in the education sector.

A guideline for the future

The schools minister Gibb has stated that the wellbeing charter for schools and employers will be voluntary and act as a public pledge from employers and government.

This is ultimately a measure that will see a renewed focus on people first and is much needed given the recent rise in teachers requiring emotional support. How can we truly expect children within the education sector or team members within our corporate sector to have high levels of wellness and happiness if the primary focus isn’t on creating staff happiness in the first instance.

The focus on Charters such as these within the corporate sector is on the team’s wellness and happiness, placing this above that of the customer because happy teams, equates to happier customers and more successful organisations.

Free resources to support greater levels of wellness and happiness in the workplace

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