Strengths Profile Psychometric

What is Strengths Profile Psychometric?

Strengths Profile is a psychometric tool that helps you identify various skills and strengths that may have gone unnoticed and unrecognised. It is the only strength tool in the world that measures energy, along with performance and skill, differentiating skills from strengths.

Strengths Profile has been utilised by multi-million and billion dollar companies in over 120 countries. Over 1 million Strengths Profile assessments have been taken by individuals for personal reasons and staff members for professional purposes, globally.


of employees think the best managers manage differently according to individual needs


of candidates believe an employer recognising their strengths is important

The Benefits of Undertaking and Implementing the Outcomes of the Strengths Profile Analysis:

  • Improvement of current performance
  • Ability to achieve goals (personal and professional) easier and faster
  • Strengthen career prospects
  • Build a better team
  • Increase overall productivity and profits
  • Know yourself/your staff on a deeper level
  • Be happier
  • Gain clarity and more awareness of yourself and/or your team
  • Increase staff engagement, retention and commitment

A study of over 19,000 employees indicates there is a significant positive impact that occurs by focusing on strengths, rather than weakness, following a 36.4% overall improvement in performance.

Change in Performance
strengths profile

What’s Included:

⇒ 180 question online assessment (takes between 15 – 30 minutes to complete)
⇒ 1 hour debrief and explanation with an internationally accredited Strengths Profile Coach
⇒ 60 attribute individualized comprehensive report of results

Strengths Profile is truly a game changer in both personal and professional development.  Strengths Profile can be done individually or as a team of up to 100 staff members.  If you are at a cross roads in life and looking for clarity Strengths Profile will help you to do this.

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