Peak Performance Executive Coaching

We develop and work with you to be able you to work with purpose, harnessing the capability of your leadership to have a profound impact in their organisations, communities and the wider society.

Through a combination of peak performance coaching sessions and facilitated group coaching (where its relevant) we support the development of you and your unique teams and leaders.

Creating personal action plan for ongoing development that actually work, this is real work coaching, its down to earth and with no fluffiness.

All peak performance coaching sessions are provided by peak performers who truly understand what its like to perform at their best. They also understand what its like to be stuck, overwhelmed, underperforming and over performing. They have succeeded and they have also failed so can truly appreciate where you are right now and where you want to get to. They have worked with teams, Leaders, Aspiring Leaders, Athletes, Boards and Executives.
Each of your sessions is confidential, giving you the freedom to share information on your professional and personal goals and challenges knowing that it stays between you and your Peak Performance Coach.

We have 7 key stages that we walk through with you. Focusing on your professional and person goals by your side every step of the way.

1. Establish a company-wide collaboration by developing personal processes that facilitate innovation.

We walk alongside you to enabling strategic experimentation and learning. Our role with you is to create a growth mindset within your organisation. You get to focus on the existing businesses needs while enabling innovation within your team. We explore innovation systems and how these can help you and your organisation grow.

2. Identify performance openings and strategic opportunities for growth

Aligning your organization for change is a challenging one when you may not be quite ready yourself. Becoming an ambidextrous team member and/or leader means you will able to respond to new challenges and opportunities. Peak Performance coaching supports you in creating an organizational culture that facilitates and welcomes change and most importantly provides you and those you work with the strategies to overcoming roadblocks to change.

3. Create personal and professional growth

By enhancing your personal tool kit in relation to strategies around decision-making processes, negotiation strategies, and teamwork skills development. Your performance and that of your team is no longer about ‘driving’ growth which is artificial it’s about fostering what is already there within you.

4. Craft a leadership or team style that helps you drive change more effectively

Understanding the difference between management and leadership – Uniting a team around a clearly articulated vision – Building effective teams that can manage conflict and execute change – Identifying and addressing risks

5. Support you to be and develop as an Authentic Leader.

The best leaders are authentic leaders real people whose drive comes from within and guides their daily actions towards a direction with purpose and meaning. The reality of workplaces today is that is can sometimes become buried under the stress of every day operations, challenges with teams and operations. We work alongside you to enables you to continue to earn the trust of you team, stakeholders and peers. By providing strategies to enable you to be outstanding leader, self-confidence and emotionally intelligent. A leader who enables others and gets the best out of the team. You will develop a framework for leading with integrity, honesty and less stress!

6. Leader and Inspire

Whether you are leading others, projects, a department or an organisation on a daily basis both professionally and personally you are confronted with complex and often contradictory demands from family, colleagues, teams, clients, Boards or other stakeholders.
Carefully developing advanced techniques to continue to assess your responsibilities as a decisionmaker will allow you to establish guidelines for making better quality decisions that support your own personal well-being, that of your family. This along with organisation’s financial and legal requirements. You also will practice adapting your new skills in a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can thrive.

7. Personal Leadership and wellbeing

Each day you face complexity there is heightened competition and transparency within organisations and you are expected to consider the impact of every decision on your organization and community. I can be stressful even overwhelming at times and sometimes tough to find someone to confide in who is unbiased and unconnected to your circumstances. Your peak performance session will provide you with a non-judgemental confidential space to examine innovative ways to build your personal and competitive advantage.
You will explore your personal role in order to generate more value for your own wellbeing, for your family and your organisation.