One Million & One

A Clariti Group Initiative for a Better World

The One Million and One Project (1M&1)  is a charitable part of the Clariti Group we established 1M&1 in order to positively impact the lives of one million and one people in our lifetime. Established by Ana and Belinda our mission is clear give more. The essence of our company is about giving back and making an impact and this is one way that each year we do that


“Having visited Mama Lynn and the children in February 2016 after climbing Killimanjaro as part of the 7 summits challenge the children absolutely stole my heart. From the moment I met Joey, Margaret and Mama Lynn and all the children I knew I had to do more, vowing to go back to provide and support in any way we could. Some people come into your world and change it forever and the children of Light in Africa definitely did that."

Belinda Dolan, Co-Founder 1M&1

Light In Africa Project

Your help is needed

In December 2017 we are taking a team of remarkable people to join Mama Lynn, the beautiful children and team at the Light in Africa,Tanzania. Our project will set out across the globe to deliver much needed supplies and to help with repairs to the children's home, support Mama Lynn, the team and all the children. We will be rolling our sleeves up cooking, teaching, playing sports and anything else we can do to make a difference and we can’t wait.


Whenever you hire the Clariti Group you are directly supporting a number of charities as we place a percentage of our profits each year as well as our team visiting these projects.

We can’t wait for December and the long project we have ahead of us to collect supplies including school uniforms, sports kits, clothes and more. If you can donate to our cause, please contact us, or donate here and together we can achieve so much more.

For more information you can contact our Project Coordinator Robin Tonkin here .


days left till to gather support for the project

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Robin Tonkin
Robin Tonkin

We need your help..

"If we could all volunteer to help out in our global community in any way we can, the world and the people we share it with will benefit beyond measure. I believe we all have a responsibility to give back in some way and having the opportunity to work with the amazing people at the One Million and One Foundation has allowed me to do my part."

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