Leadership and peak Performance Executive Coaching

Peak Performance Coaching for Leaders

We work alongside teams and leaders to enable them to reach your peak potential to overcome the overwhelm so you can lead with passion again. We provide you the space to breathe again and equip you with strategies and tools so that you can lead with confidence and passion. Clariti Groups award winning Coaching and Mentoring Program “Climb Your Own Everest” has been developed in conjunction with psychologists, counselors and performance specialists and drawing from the very latest research in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. Our hybrid coaching and mentoring model delivered by experts across a wide number of industries corporate, military, legal, aviation and health sectors and is proven to create long lasting results.

Lead with Confidence

Build and execute strategies that will accelerate your performance, motivate your team team and wow your customers.

Succeed in life

We help you grow as a leader, fast and allow you to focus on gaining more time for your family, for yourself.

Achieve Results

Receive world class coaching & ongoing support from peak performance specialist who have scaled businesses, lead teams and created organisational change for decades.

Recent studies show executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization – HR Monthly

Grow As A Leader

We provide strategies, tools and opportunities to grow your leadership abilities in a confidential and safe space. You will have a trusted confidant who will walk alongside you as you deal with leadership challenges, crises and opportunities to grow.

How to Get a Coach


1. Fill out an Application

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2. Interview with a Storyboard representative

Speak with our Coaches to discuss your goals and transformation you are looking for (optional)

3. Attend the 4-day immersive training

Work with your coach/mentor

4. Scale your business into the career of your dreams

Transform your life and lead with passion.

Type of Coaching

Do you want to lead with passion again, reduce the stress and overwhelm in your role, develop skills and strategies to allow you to lead with confidence and reach your full potential.

Download our brochure for strategies, tools and tips to become a stand out performer in your organisation.

What’s My Investment?

How much is unclear messaging costing you? How many potential customers can’t hear your offer in the sea of noise? How many of your events are half empty because people don’t know why they should come? How many people are passing up your consulting? Can potential customers understand why they need your product or service? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

10% discount on all peak performance plans paid in advance.

Payment plans available.

Training coupled with coaching provides the following:


Improved Work Performance


Improved Team Effectiveness


Improved Business Management


Companies that make at least their investment back