Corporate Coaching

Our unique coachmentor model has been developed to allow individuals and teams to reach their peak potential, to overcome the overwhelm so you can lead with passion again. We provide you the space to breathe again and equip you with strategies and tools so that you can lead with confidence and passion. Clariti Groups award winning Coaching and Mentoring Program “Find Your Own Everest” has been developed in conjunction with psychologists, counselors and performance specialists and drawing from the very latest research in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. Our hybrid coaching and mentoring model delivered by experts across a wide number of industries corporate, military, legal, aviation and health sectors and is proven to create long lasting results.

What You Will Get From The Coaching Program

Build Teams with Confidence

Build and execute strategies that will accelerate your performance, motivate your team and wow your customers.

Succeed In Life

We help grow your teams and individuals, to allow them to focus on growing in their role, flourishing within the company ultimately giving them quality time for themselves and their families.

Achieve Results

Receive world class coaching & ongoing support from peak performance specialist who have scaled businesses, lead teams and created organisational change for decades.

Recent studies show executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization – HR Monthly

Grow As A Leader

We provide strategies, tools and opportunities to grow your leadership abilities in a confidential and safe space. You will have a trusted confidant who will walk alongside you as you deal with leadership challenges, crises and opportunities to grow.

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How to Get a Coach

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Speak with our Corporate Coaches to discuss your goals and transformation you are looking for you and/or your team

Work with your Corporate coach/mentor

Transform your life and lead with passion

Who is Corporate Coaching For?

HR Executives

Expand your current knowledge, skills set, strategies and tools around workforce engagement programs.

Learning and Development Specialists

Build your current repertoire for developing teams, leaders and workforce engagement and retention training programs.

Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

Grow your company fast. Being a leader and aspiring leader and Certified Chief Happiness Officer ensures that you are well qualified to support the your organisation to grow.

What’s My Investment?

When teams and their leaders underperform millions of dollars are lost. How much is this costing your business varies. For every new hire it can cost $250,000 in lost revenue, down time, advertising and recruitment, damage to reputation, ost productivity retaining and engaging staff is often a more cost-effective option. Prices depend upon the number of people being coached we coach individuals and teams.

Training coupled with coaching provides the following:


Improved Work Performance


Improved Team Effectiveness


Improved Business Management


Companies that make at least their investment back