Consulting Services

We develop transformational change, well being and happiness strategies for your organisation.

We assess your current challenges using a variety of assessment tools such as the Well-Being and Happiness@Work Survey™. We then create awesome, engaging, inspirational and fun engagement programs drawing from the very latest research in Neuroscience, Organisational Change, well being and Positive Psychology. You can sit back whilst we create knowing you are in safe hands.

What You Will Get From Our Consulting

The business environment has changed its is complex, volatile, and unpredictable. The skills required for hybrid and geographically dispersed workplaces have changed. Complex and adaptive thinking abilities are now highly valued. The majority of managers are developed from on-the-job experiences supplemented with training, and coaching/ mentoring; while these are all still important, there are organisations that are no longer able to developing fast enough or in the right ways to match the new environment. That’s were we come in with the latest research, strategies and tools.

A Model For Creative Wellbeing and Happiness Engagement Programs

We build a framework and creative strategies that will accelerate your companies performance and develop a flourishing and motivated workforce. From Wellbeing Charters to Chief Happiness Officers we have strategies for all sectors.

Develop Agile Leadership

We support you to grow adaptable and transformational leaders by addressing mind-sets and capabilities needed for a successful organizational transformation and towards a growth mind set.

Culture Change

We design organisation change projects that create impact, remove workplace toxicity and create psychologically sound workplaces.

Team Development

We offer creative, innovative fun teambuilding from orchestral ensembles to picaso masterpieces. This is team development like you have never seen before.

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