Clariti Group in its mission to build happier nations, workplaces and most importantly humans has been awarded a life enhancing contract to provide Mental Health Programs across Australia.

The program is the first of its kind in remote Australia. Clariti will be delivering vital training and education programs to teams and leaders in the areas of mental wellness awareness, attitudes towards mental wellness and key strategies in order to build mentally well workplaces and communities.

The project is in collaboration between the Australian Government, MHFA and approximately 50 remote communities in some of the most isolated communities within Australia. The project is set to reach over and positively impact the lives of over 3000 people.

By working closely with rural communities, Clariti Group are honoured to be making an ongoing and substantial impact on the lives of those in these remote communities.

Working with teams, Elders, Government and community members to bring awareness about the importance of mental wellness. This along with providing practical support is also provided in the form of understanding the causes of mental illness, strategies to deal with mental illness and to reduce the stigma associated with

Clariti Group are available to deliver mental wellness training and consulting into companies and not for profits across Australia and globally we invite you to connect with us at success[at] for more details.