5 Habits to Increase Team Productivity

There will always be a point in which we ask ourselves whether we are being as productive as we can be. A crisis in productivity can affect individuals and occur on an individual level, but when working in a company or organisation, the productivity of your team will also be affected.

Addressing these issues in your team is paramount to your company or organisation.

Increasing the productivity of your team is not just about getting more work done in a consistent manner, but it’s also about seeing your team feel the accomplishments they achieve every day as well.

Read through our list of top five habits to increase the productivity of your team and apply it where you see fit in your own company or organisation.

1. Communication is key

Set a precedent and a high standard for communications within your team. Dan Oswald, CEO of Business & Legal Resources Inc. says that “communication must be H.O.T.

“H.O.T. stands for honest, open, and two-way.” Effective communication allows you to increase team productivity by allowing everyone to get up to speed, ask questions, and stay on the same page. It also allows better team dynamics where everyone can express their thoughts about a project and provide constructive feedback that can lead to better outcomes.

One great resource for organising and facilitating team communications is Slack.

2. Team accountability

Creating a system of accountability allows every team member to be accountable for their own decisions, work and results and therefore, leads to increased effectiveness and productivity. There are some great platforms out there to assist companies in this area such as Clever Checklist which allows teams to focus on accountability by being able to combine checklists and other forms.

Software isn’t the only option for teams though! Having regular ‘Work In Progress’ team meetings will also help with team accountability as well. By allowing each team member to be in control of the process of their work – such as the when, the what, and the how, and for them to state what they will achieve, it encourages the team to be motivated to work more productively.

3. Know the goal

Each member of the team should know the goal and keep that goal in sight. List the goal that your team must meet so that they can see it throughout the day. Not only does this allow everyone to know what they must accomplish and the clear plan or tasks set to achieve it, but also will serve as a motivational tool as well. Ensure that you keep track of your team’s results and set smaller, daily, achievable goals within that – because every small step towards the end-goal counts.

4. Embrace training

Allow opportunities for your team to receive training. If an employee does not know what to do or lacks the confidence to carry out a task, this can slow down the motivation to do work and impede productivity as well. A productive team member is one that is confident in the tasks that they have to carry out and what they are working on – training is a great way to support and create this confidence.

At Clariti Group, we’re strong believers of training and development and can offer services to get your team to where you need it to be.

5. Celebrate every win!

While keeping the goal in mind is important for the direction of the team towards achieving it, it is important to acknowledge every win – even the small ones. By acknowledging your team and its members for outcomes and small achievements, you continue to motivate your team and underpin further productivity as they feel the contribution and positive difference they are making.

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