• Creating The Happiest Workplaces On The Planet

    We work alongside you to build peak performing engaged teams and leaders that allow your organisation to flourish and be remarkable.


Our mission is simple: we aim to build remarkable peak performing teams and exceptional leaders alongside you so that your company thrives.

We are creating the happiest workplaces on the planet by building remarkable leaders and extraordinary teams alongside you so your company thrives.
We are passionate about supporting you and your organisation to be an exceptional place to work.

What We Do

We work with CEO’s, Boards, HR teams and Learning and Development departments to tailor and embed leadership and peak performance programs that enable your leaders and teams to reach their peak potential. Everything we do is grounded in science and the experiences of our team across 11 countries, what we do works, it creates a seamless increase in performance. We create productive, fun and engaging workforces with you.

Now more than ever the business world is intensely competitive. Economic uncertainty has become a prevailing characteristic of today’s business world. This challenging context demands rigorous investment in the organisations operations, leaders and innovation in order to attract and retain a workforce in addition to acquiring or sustaining a competitive edge. Consequently, this level of success and competitive edge is arguably much more likely for those boasting employees who are willing, competent and able to perform effectively throughout their working lives. People are significantly more productive when they are content.

Our success is in the implementation, we carefully embed what we do within your organisation to cultivate an innovative, engaged and happy workforce. At Clariti Group, we recognise that the biggest asset to any organisation are its people – at all levels. We have a team of specialists and leaders on hand to help with your projects and to support your company to reach its peak. The skills that are key to this happiness have been noted as “21st Century Skills” that employers are looking for today, these include interpersonal skills and strong collaboration.

The key then to achieving this within organisations appears to lie in nurturing a workplace environment in which individuals can feel involved, appreciated, happy and fulfilled. Achieve this goal and the motivation levels of teams will rise accordingly. We advocate for a strong return on equity as we understand the importance of a mobilised workforce. Most importantly we will always focus on the needs and perspectives of your organisation, we innovate, create success stories and there are no cookie cutter approaches to what we do, this is our area of expertise and we are obsessed with creating happy, engaged and productive workforces.

We create the happiest workplaces on the planet by promoting psychologically safe workplaces, by boosting mental wellness, wellbeing to further develop productive, efficient, engaged, and flourishing teams, leaders and organisations.

How We Do It


We develop real world leaders that inspire, innovate and increase performance.

Off the shelf cookie cutter leaders programs don’t work and that’s why we developed award winning strategies and tools that do. Through our decades or research and our experiences we know that the one size fits all wont work for you and your organisation. Instead we tailor our programs carefully to fit in with your needs, your KPI’s and the level of performance require for your teams and organisation to perform at its peak.



We develop and work with you to be enable you to work with purpose.

Through a combination of peak performance coaching sessions and facilitated group coaching (where its relevant) we support the development of you and your unique teams and leaders. Creating personal action plan for ongoing development that actually work, this is real work coaching, its down to earth and with no fluffiness.



Imagine a workforce more engaged, happier and productive with less concerns and more intrinsic desire to create a happier company. What could that do for your organisation, your leaders and your bottom line?


Work with us and stop spinning your wheels.

Step 1
Let’s Talk

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We send you a proposal

Step 3
We make it happen, it’s that easy.


Talk to our Clariti Solutions team about a tailored program for you and your team. Or meet with us we prefer meeting face to face or via zoom, connecting in person is what we like to do best. Our relationships are key to us and that what sets us aside



Belinda is a pleasure to work with, she is such an amazing advocate for our organisation

Institute of Managers and Leaders

“Clariti made the team feel valued and always get the best out of the team at their sessions”

Clariti, are reliable, trustworthy, genuine in their desire to make our organisation better. They deliver their material in an informative, enjoyable and fun way. Our team found the experience to be of great help and loved attending each leadership and coaching session. Clariti is professional in their attitude, communication and method of delivering of their programs. They make the team feel valued and always get the best out of the team at their sessions. I enjoy working with the Clariti team

Sharon Robinson - Program Manager Bynoe

Clariti Group assisting myself in my business to generate $500,000 worth of business in six months.

Clariti Group was successful in assisting myself in my business and together we successfully generated over $500,000 worth of work for my business in six months. Belinda is a one of a kindest people who is always there to assist the business and people she works and associates with. With their support and guidance I was able to re-establish my personal and professional goals and it became easy to see what I had to do to make these goals happen. I cannot thank Belinda enough for her ongoing support throughout the challenging times I had during the past 18 months and for being there the whole way. If you want someone who calls it how it is and nurtures your passions and desires within business that then naturally flow on to life, then Clariti is your only choice. Thank you Belinda and the team at Clariti.

Helen Paddon - CEO

I feel truly privileged to have worked with this amazing group.

“On behalf of the YMCA WA RSAS team, I highly recommend the Clariti Group. I have worked off and on with these amazing people for a few years. Truly inspirational and they have helped me so much. I feel truly privileged to have worked with this amazing group! I look forward to continuing in the coming years! Keep up the amazing work”.

Sue Lovett - Manager YMCA

The leadership workshops Clariti ran were really insightful and my teams learnt a great deal.

“I’ve had a chance to work with Clariti across a couple of projects in some remote locations and it’s been superb in so many ways.
The leadership workshops they ran were really insightful and my teams learnt a great deal from them. So much that we had them return a few times! The thing that stands out was that it was really fun working with them, which isn’t normal with some of the programs that we have attended with others previously. The Clariti Team programs are easy to understand and bring so much energy and fun with them. I’d really recommend them. Thank you Clariti”


“Clariti are leading the way in their industry as they strive to innovate in the leadership and peak performance industry. Their efforts and this award are well deserved”

International Business Awards Judge - London 2018

“ A woman led Consultancy making a real impact for companies and giving back in a significant way. A truly remarkable company”

Women in Business Awards Judge - New York 2017

“Being recognized as one of Australia’s Coolest Companies was an honour. We wanted to showcase the phenomenal results of our clients and how by working with Clariti our clients are supporting children in Tanzania and now Uganda”

Ana Tonkin Clariti Group - Melbourne 2018

“The Clariti Group successfully increased its business turnover in 2017. This is supported by their serious social contribution”

Asia Pacific Award Judge - Hong Kong 2018

Being nominated for the award of PSA Educator Award for Excellence 2019 in itself is an honour. To know we are serving our clients at the highest level and seeing them reach peak performance is all the accolades we require.

Belinda-Jane Dolan Clariti Group - Brisbane 2019


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